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Content Plugin Guide

The content plugin allows you to put one or many galleries into a Joomla article, or into content created by other extensions like K2 or Zoo.

Please install both the content plugin and the editor button plugin. The editor button plugin will put the button inside the text editor, and the content plugin will turn the article code into a gallery.

Press the gallery button within the editor to insert a gallery...

The pop up will give a range of options.

  • The ‘search child categories’ option determines whether the plugin should select images from the child categories of the selected category.
  • The ‘add links to images’ option will add a link to each image. The link will go to the gallery that contains the image. Thsi is useful if you are displaying some random images or latest images.

Press Save and Close and the code will appear in the article. Save the article, and the gallery will appear in the frontend of the website. If the code appears in the frontend of the website, please make sure you have both the content plugin installed and enabled, as well as the editor button plugin.