You can add tags to the images in the edit image details page, please press enter after typing to insert the tag, or choose one from the list:

In the profile settings, you can choose to display the tags in the image description.

In the profile settings - main thumbnails tab, you can choose to display the tags filters.

Image tags are displayed in the image description. When a tag is clicked on, a new page will be displayed, and all the images with that tag will show. It is best to make a new menu item for the page that will display the tags. Then you can control this page and choose which modules to show on this page. To prevent the menu item being displayed on a menu, you can choose to not display the menu item, like this:.

Create a new menu item that displays the tags landing page:.

Now when you click on the tag, all the tags will be displayed using the menu item that was just created. You can assign modules to this menu item, and you can choose the profile that displays the images by editing the menu item.