Ignite gallery supports video embedding from youtube and vimeo and from local video files.

In version 4.1 and above, you can copy and past the url from youtube/vimeo. The gallery will download the high quality preview image and it will fetch the embed info from the video hosting site. It will then save this data as a gallery item:

You can also manually upload an image, then after uploading the image, locate the embed code on the hosting site, here is an example of the embed code from youtube:

To enter the embed code to the gallery, go to the manage images page for the gallery. Choose to edit the image details, then at the bottom, paste the embed code, like this:

To embed a local video file, first upload the file to the website using Joomlas media manager, or by using ftp.

Then upload an image to the gallery using the ignite gallery uploader.

Then edit the image details, and add a html5 video tag, there is an example of this below:

This is an html5 video tag. To have the video fit the slideshow and autopause, add the attribute igui-cover="automute:false"

You can copy the example code here:

Please change the src to the path to your video, you can add a full path like ( http://www.your-website-name.com/media/video/your-video.mp4 ) or you can add a relative path like /media/video/my-video.mp4